Seeing the goal is many steps ahead

Tue Nov 02, 2021 2:49 PM ( updated 3 mo. 3 wk. ago )

Chapter 2 - Plan of Action

If you ever feel lost at sea, it might be that the winds have blown you off course. But if you, like me, aren’t even on a boat to begin with but just sitting landlocked at your computer it could be that you don’t have a destination to begin with.

Vision: “something that you imagine : a picture that you see in your mind” - Merriam-Webster

Goal: “something that you are trying to do or achieve” - Merriam-Webster

Goals and vision are not the same thing. You can dive right into jotting down all these various steps one would need to take in order to fulfill your… It will quickly become clear that you needed to define a goal or at least a major first step for your vision to become a reality. Just having an abstract picture in mind, can carry you out to all kinds of deep water with no clear route home.

Oh, and we cannot forget the other thing that differentiates a real goal from a vision: the formidable deadline. That is included below.

My First Goal

I want a beta / MVP version of up and running by 1/1/22 (5/1/22) .

It should include:

Steps to Take

Site Theme

Some things to focus on are competency, privacy and the FOSS spirit as well being a independent coder with a small company mindset. My hopes are to attract those who are not attracted to the social media and big Tech mindset but still looking for a way forward in the tech world.

Site Design

I need to come up with basic layout, colors, and fonts for the site. The home page will mostly revolve around the Wizard. It will be mobile-first design, using frontier of course. The navigation will include any links to the content and resources. I need to make the layout for the learning resources. The wizard will mostly be functional but also serve as a basic example of what can be learned.

Site Content

I need to decide what other content/sections will go on home page. After deciding, I will need to actually grab that content. I also need the full list of articles to be written:

At the wizard’s core, I need to distinguish:


The purpose of the wizard is two-fold. It is not only to find out how far someone is in their learning, but also to see if they are a good candidate for The goal/challenge here would be to ask as few questions as possible to get the most accurate understanding about where someone can pick up their education at If you fit the bill of going the FrontierWay, the wizard would place you in 1 of 4 categories: brand new, beginner, intermediate, experienced. I guess there is the expert level that wouldn’t be necessary here. I could make these themed somehow.

Breakdown of levels:

Based on the skill level determined by the wizard, further instructions would be provided.


Brand New

For brand new, I might point users to gets them to question if this is something they really want to do and if so, the best learning material/site I can find on where to start.


For beginners, I think they could possibly start with Frontier if they have the right foundation, otherwise I could lead them through some type of guided primer course to get them up to speed rather than sending them elsewhere.


For intermediates, these should be readily comfortable starting with Frontier. I would need lead to the FrontierWay.


For those more experienced, they could of course use Frontier but the question would be rather their path should be somewhat different. Possibly see if they are proponents of FOSS/JS/indie route and would be interested in being a mentor.

I think the only thing I need to really do is type up the /about page (done!). Otherwise, the articles will develop on their own. It should be pretty basic for now. I could add a /uses type page that describes my stack for web dev.


I need a splash page for this on It should explain the Frontier Project and anything else I can think of. That being said, it will also need the “design package” to get started.


I already have and slack up and running as primary means. I might as well keep using them. I would need to create a dedicated project for and then a slack account. I also will need to create an email list using Mailchimp. Another option would be Discord.

In Summary

There is a trifecta working here between, and The focus however will be on which will support (as well as be supported by) frontierjs while will chronicle the journey of both as well as provide an outlet for any ideas that don’t fit either.

By staying focused on each step in the process along the way, I should be able to reach the cumulative goal. I think a basic outline would go in this order:

I am sure there will be several decisions along the way, but once this is all said and done, I think the next major step will be getting feedback and exposure.

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