About Us

Greetings Traveler!

Knightworks is an independent IT consulting and development company. We specialize in web development and seek to be masters of our craft.*

knight.works serves 4 main purposes:

  • A launchpad for affiliated projects and ideas (see below)
  • A chronicle of the freelancer's journey
  • A repository for thoughts, ideas, and propositions constructed to be referenced, discussed, and evaluated in an open context
  • Simply a contact card for those looking for more information and a way to reach out for help (via email or chat)

Guiding Principles

A lot could be said here, but perhaps brevity will accentuate the points. We value authenticity in the business relationship whether as a provider or a partner.

We value privacy and security.

We are major proponents for FOSS, Linux, and decentralized services. We won't put all our eggs in one Big Tech basket.

We don't follow the trends on social media. King Arthur didn't have facebook and he did okay for himself. In the end, we seek to develop solutions that help navigate through this increasingly online world without losing the human touch.


Tech Philosophy

Different problems require different solutions. We are big believers in selecting the right tool for the right job, and that comes through a series of conversations and an understanding of what the real needs are.

However, that being said, there are two qualifications to be considered. First, most people can use the same 5 tools to fix most things around the house. And second, you can't master every part of every thing. So with that, decisions have been carefully thought through as to an ideal development stack that can cover the majority of use cases, the sum total of which culminates in FrontierJS.

High Level Overview

  • Functional Programming for the code
  • Component / Service style framework for the project
  • Package Management for the dependencies
  • Container management for delivery of the app


LearnHow.dev > FrontierJS > Kobami >

*Currently: We are available for consulting but not taking on any new development projects.